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Experience the power of group therapy!

Do you feel stuck in your life - whether it's with a job or a relationship or a feeling? You may want to consider learning new ways of being in the world emotionally! We all know we can't change others (although sometime we'd like to), we can only change or grow ourselves. Social Therapy groups help you develop your emotional creativity. YES and here's how:

Groups are where people can grow. We help people learn to build environments where they can participate, perform and create with others, and in that process, grow and become more powerful.

The social therapy group is an activity where people from all walks of life can bring their emotional pain (lonliness, anger, humiliation, depression) and create something new - new conversations, new meanings and emotions, new lives.

It's sort of like a gym is to your physical workout, this is a weekly emotional workout for an hour and 1/2 a week. Just as you tone your physicality, here you develop your emotionality.

We do group therapy, individual, family and couples work.

See EVENT section for classes we do.